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We are Grapper Media, and we can help you get more people to see your videos on search engines. Our Video SEO service ensures your videos show higher search results and reach more viewers. This can help bring more organic traffic to your videos, which means visitors who find you naturally without you having to pay for ads.

Our Video SEO Services

Keyword Research

We find the best keywords for your videos. This helps your videos rank higher in search results and get more people who want to watch them.
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Metadata Optimization

We optimize your video information to attract more viewers by using popular search terms. This helps search engines show your videos to the right people and rank them higher.
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Transcription and Closed Captioning

We offer transcription and captioning services that improve video accessibility, accuracy for search engines, and search rankings.
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Video Embedding and Backlink Building

We boost your video's authority and reach through embedding it on relevant websites and creating high-quality backlinks, increasing credibility and ranking potential.
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Analytics and Reporting

We provide video analytics & reporting for performance insights, including views, watch time, engagement, and conversions. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your video strategy.
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Maximize Your Video Reach with Video SEO!

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